Pearl – June Birthstone

Pearl – June Birthstone

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You must be wondering about the reason behind pearls’ popularity and adulation. The quintessential white color of pearls is symbolic of purity and innocence. Given their untarnished and pristine image, it should not come as a surprise that they emerged as a widely accepted wedding gift. Women have worn pearl gemstones to assert their presence and influence their fashion statement. This June gemstone has been a status symbol for ages. It was a favourite with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the domineering feminine figure of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe. Pearls, on the back of their irridescent glow and exuberant charm, have snared the attention of females from ancient times. However, they are not simply gemstones that define wealth and power but extend multiple benefits.

Unlike other birthstones, such as sapphires, pearls are organic and formed from the tissue of mollusks. You can find pearls cultivated in various water bodies worldwide, from sheltered lagoons to vast seas. Divers have procured naturally occurring pearls from the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the coastline of Mexico, and Central America. Currently, the production of artificially cultivated pearls has been on the rise, with China leading the way in freshwater pearl cultivation.

Freshwater Cultured Pearls are the most popular and commercially viable type of cultured pearls. The diversity shown by these pearls in the form of color, design, shape, and size is remarkable.

Pearls are known to establish healthy marital relations and are considered auspicious for a happy and fulfilling married life. By tackling anger issues in individuals, they drive off the root cause of most arguments between couples. Additionally, these gemstones fuel the desire to navigate and explore the world.

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